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◙When it comes to Real Estate and Photography, it doesn’t mater if the property is a nice cozy smaller home or an expansive estate both the Realtor and the Real Estate Photographer need to provide a great service for their clients. We here at BestLight Photography  believe in working with the Realtor to capture the true essence of the property to be listed.

◙If you are looking for an affordable home in a nice area with a large yard please feel free to stop by the open house for this property on September 24 from 10am through 2pm at 8511 166th St Ct E Puyallup WA 98375 and say hello to Keller Williams Realtor Andre Bohall.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Real Estate Photography?

In recent years, smartphones have become the number one tool for anyone to take photos. But smartphone photos, even point-and-shoot photos, are often too dark, too bright, distorted, or blurry. Smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras have come a long way, but both are limited by small sensors, one-size-fits-all lenses and, often, inexperienced users.

During the same time, the internet has become the number one tool for prospective real estate investors: 90% of home buyers search online first for a home to purchase! Web-based property listings are convenient and detailed, and offer buyers both their first impression of a property as they browse, and their last impression as they view listings later to remind themselves of properties that they have visited.

The question is, why would you use inferior point-and-shoot or smartphone photography to showcase real estate property online?

When you hire a professional real estate photographer to do the job, he or she brings

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Pacific Northwest Skies, from Dull to Dynamic!

As a Real Estate Photographer living and working in the Pacific Northwest, we often photograph properties on cloudy, gray, dull-sky days. Like most people living in this region, we know that clear to partly cloudy skies can be absolutely beautiful! Some of the best dynamics in the sky exist when there is a mixture of clouds and blue sky. But for Realtors with tight schedules, it is not always possible to schedule to photograph a property on a clear or partly cloudy day.

BestLight Photography offers a fix for the gray, dull-skies in real estate photography! We have taken, optimized, and archived over one hundred pictures of dynamic skies to

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Mount Saint Helens

Mount Saint Helens with Spirit Lake.

Mount Saint Helens with Spirit Lake.

On May 18, 1980 Mount St Helens erupted with a blast force equal to 24 megatons of TNT. Virtually everything within an 8 mile radius was obliterated, this area is called the Direct blast zone. My son and I took a hike in the next zone out called the Channelized blast zone, this zone extended out as far as 19 miles in some areas. In this zone trees were broken off at the base and laid down in a parallel alignment, you can also find in this zone areas that were somewhat protected from the blast, the evidence to this is all of the standing dead trees.

I have been very interested in this area since the eruption and what the re-vegetation looks like. So thirty six plus years later my son and I decided to hike up to Norway Pass and then on to Mount Margaret, This hike gave us some very spectacular views of MT ST Helens, Spirit Lake and the surrounding areas. From one of our vantage points we could see five of the Stratovolcano’s in the Cascade’s. Mount Saint Helens, Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson, the latter two are in Oregon.

On our hike we noticed that there are areas that are

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Mountain View Manor

Mountain View Manor is an event and wedding venue located in Enumclaw, Washington. Best Light Photography, David and Michele Weaver were graciously allowed to photograph this venue.  Our host Sheri was such a delight and gave us a tour of the grounds and this beautiful location.  Sheri is friends of our daughter-in-law, Kristen and was told of our recent move to the PNW area from Michigan.  We moved here to be near to our children and grandchildren.  David left his position at a company he had worked at for nearly 35 years.  Photography had always been a hobby with the desire to make it his career, a long time dream.  Sheri was willing to give us that opportunity to showcase her venue. What a beautiful place for any couple to cherish the memories of their special day.  Thank you, Sheri, so much for giving us this opportunity.

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