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With a highly competitive Real Estate market and so many prospective buyers shopping for their next property on line, the Realtor needs to make sure that the property is photographed in the best light possible. That is where HDR photography and processing come in.

◙ Dynamic Range of the Human Eye verses Camera ◙ The human eye is an amazing creation. The human eye’s through adaptations in the iris and other processes, adjusts constantly to the wide range of light present in our environment. The brain continuously interprets this information so that the individual can see in a wide range of light conditions. The human eye captures images much like a video camera where it is constantly adjusting to the available light in any given setting, therefore in this situation the dynamic range of the eye can exceed 24 stops of light. If the eye were to operate like a camera and take snapshots, the dynamic range of the eye would be around 10-14 stops of light however our eyes are not camera’s therefore the dynamic range of the eye is far superior than that of a camera. Most modern DSLR’s capture around 8-11 stops of light per photograph. That’s where HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography and processing come in to give you a photograph that equals or in some cases create photographs with more dynamic range than what the eye can see.

◙The Real Estate Photographer ◙ My job as a Real Estate Photographer is to produce natural looking HDR photographs that showcase each property in the best light possible. HDR gets this job done as we take anywhere from 3 to 7 frames per scene, and then merge the bracketed images together to create an HDR picture, then the merged photograph is carefully touched up using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe CC2015 to give the Realtor and the property owner a natural looking photograph done in the best light possible.

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