Monthly Archives: December 2015

Mountain View Manor

Mountain View Manor is an event and wedding venue located in Enumclaw, Washington. Best Light Photography, David and Michele Weaver were graciously allowed to photograph this venue.  Our host Sheri was such a delight and gave us a tour of the grounds and this beautiful location.  Sheri is friends of our daughter-in-law, Kristen and was told of our recent move to the PNW area from Michigan.  We moved here to be near to our children and grandchildren.  David left his position at a company he had worked at for nearly 35 years.  Photography had always been a hobby with the desire to make it his career, a long time dream.  Sheri was willing to give us that opportunity to showcase her venue. What a beautiful place for any couple to cherish the memories of their special day.  Thank you, Sheri, so much for giving us this opportunity.

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Pickett Paradise

After thirty four plus years in Michigan, my wife and I decided to sell our house and start the process of following a dream and moving to Washington state to be near our children and grandchildren. We  knew that we were going to need to sell our home so we made a decision to do the photography for our realtor, Tiffany. She loved our work and the house had a buyer in a little over two weeks. I have always had a passion for photography and have decided to start a photography business with my wife, specializing in real estate and fine art photography.

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